1.0 Induction Course for Civil Judge:
    1.1 Introduction:
    As per the recommendation of Shetty Commission and approved by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the case of “All India Judges’ Association and others V/s. Union of India and others” reported in (2002) 4 SCC Page No.247, the Gujarat State Judicial Academy conducts the Foundation/Induction Training Programme for newly recruited Civil Judges and Judicial Magistrates First Class for one year, to groom them and to make them familiar with Judicial Administration and Management, therefore, the role of the Academy has assumed importance.
    1.2 Resource Person:
    Sitting and Former Judges of the Hon'ble High Court, person from a cardre of the District Judge or retired District Judge, Retired principal or Professor of law colleges, renowned academician and technical experts of various fields are called as a faculty in the Judicial Education Programme.
    1.3 Pedagogy adopted :
  • The Judicial Education is imparted by traditional methods. In each Judicial Education Programme, the duration of each lecture is one or one and half hour. In the morning, the Judicial Education Programme starts with the prayer.
  • Group Discussion, case study, interaction and questionnnaire on the subject of law are also adopterd as method of imparting Judicial Education.
    1.4 Extra-curricular activities:
    1.4.1 Computer training
    The Academy coaches the awareness of the Computer through computer expert / Officer of the High Court. It is characteristic of our Judicial Education Programme.20 hours for computer training is included in the syllabus of Foundation/ Induction Training Programme for the newly recruited Civil Judges and Judicial Magistrates First Class. The Academy makes arrangement to sent trainee Judges at the reputed Institution for the practical and theoretical computer training.
    1.4.2 Health Fitness
    Lectures on Health fitness i.e. Yoga, Stress Management, Meditation, laughter therapy, mental relaxation, Rhythematic breathing are also incorporated in the syllabus.
    1.4.3 Personality Development
    The lectures on personality development, Public Speaking and Mind Power are included in the curriculum.
    1.4.4 English proficiency classes
    Better communication skill, writing, speaking in English by experienced and trained professors of English language is also integrated part of the cource.
    1.5 Coordination with Central and State Government Departments:
    The acedamy arranges the visit of a different Institution during Training ;
  • 1.5.1 Visit to Central Jail, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, wherein trainee Judges are informed about the set-up and administration of Jail, the activities of convict prisoners and Jail Authority. The Trainees Judges interact with prisoners. The Trainee Judges take practical knowledge of Video Conference.
  • 1.5.2 Visit to Civil Hospital, Asarwa, Ahmedabad, wherein live post mortem is being arranged. Tips are given by Presentation of slide show on power point regarding the nature, colour, age, and identification of different types of injuries on human body. The visit to the Museum, situated at Civil Hospital is arranged for the knowledge of various organs and injuries on the organs.
  • 1.5.3 Visit to Forensic Science Laboratory, Gandhinagar, wherein theoretical and practical knowledge on the following subjects are imparted to the trainee Judges:
      • Handwriting and Questioned Document Examinations, CUrrency note and Fake Stamps Examination,etc.
      • Finger Prints Science
      • Different types of electronic evidence, digital signatures and Cyber Crime Investigation
      • Physics and Ballistic Science.
      • Forensic Psychology - Lie -detection test (Polygraph), Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature(BEOS), Narco Analysis division
      • Crime Scene Management and physical Evidence
      • DNA Finger printing
      • Voice Identification
      • Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic substances
      • Blood test examination, blood alcohol division and Toxicology
      • Sex determination techniques
      • Bomb Detection & Disposal
      • Visit to different division/laboratories as follows;
        Handwriting, Photography, Finger Print, Chemistry, Blood Alcohol, Cyber Lab, Voice Identification, Ballistics, DNA, Psychology, etc.
  • 1.5.4 Visit to Food and Drug Laboratory, Vadodara, wherein the concept and activities of the institution are shown to the trainee Judges. Institution shows the practice knowledge of sampling, testing, analysis of food and drugs, which is very much useful for the disposal of food adulteration cases.
  • 1.5.5 Visit to Dense Forest areas of the State. The Academy through Forest Department of the State arranged orientation cource to sensitize the Judicial Officers on ecological and environmental laws and to aware of wildlife and nature.
  • 1.5.6 Visit to Sachivalaya and Legislative Assembly - Academy arranges the said visit for acquiring knwoledge about functioning of the Government.
    1.6 Visit to Permanent Legal Services Clinic, Duffnala, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad - the activities under the Legal Services Authority Act is the part and parcel of the Judicial function of the Court and acquainting the said function, the Academy arranges trip to the said institute, wherein the services of free legal aid are rendered for 24 hours.
2.0 In-service Refresher Course:
    The Academy is also imparting In-service Refresher Course for the Additional District Judges, Presiding Officers of the Fast Trac Courts, Senior Civil Judges, Civil Judges and Judges of the Labour Court.
3.0 Legal Workshop/Seminar at District Level:
    3.1 Introduction:
    The Academy imparts Judicial Education to the Judicial Officers of the Satae at the District Headquarter by arranging periodical legal workshops / seminars.
    For that Purpose, each Judicial Officer of the District has to write a paper/article on a subject selected by the Academy. Concerned District Judge send the paper book comprising the articles/papers written by judicial officers of the District to the Academy. The Academy arranges the District Level Workshop in consultation with the Administrative / Unit Judge of the concerned District, who is the Sitting Judge of the High Court.

4.0 One day Judicial Education Colloquy at District Headquarter:

    The initiation of One day Judicial Education Colloquy on Fundamental and Statutory Rights
    of the Arrestee and UTPs came at the instance of National Human Right Commission (NHRC). In turn, the Gujarat State Judicial Academy has swung into action for imparting Judicial Education through colloquy. The aim object of the Colloquy is to sensitize the Judicial Officers in the subordinate judiciary about the Human and Statutory Rights of the Arrestee and UTPs.

5.0 Court Staff Training :

    5.1 High Court Staff
    Gujarat State Judicial Academy has imparted Trainig to the following high Court Staff
  • 1. Deputy Secion Officers
  • 2. Junior Clerk
    5.2 Subordinate Court Staff.
    5.2.1 Training Programme for the Clerical Staff. The Gujarat State Judicial Academy has prepared a syllabus of Training of 20 hours for the Clerks of subordinate Court and sent to the concern Principal District Judges of the state to impart Training. With able guidance of this Academy, the District Courts of the State of Gujarat have arranged the said Training. 4146 members of the Clerical staff have participated in the said trainig, wherein 354 Faculty members/Trainers have imparted the training.
    5.2.2 Training Programme for the Bailiff:
    The Gujarat State Judicial Academy has prepared a syllabus of Training of 15 hours for the Bailiffs of subordinate Court and sent to the Principal District Judges of the state to impart Training. With able guidance of this Academy, the District Courts of the State of the Gujarat have arranged the said Trainig. 1036 Bailiffs have participated in the said training, Wherein 203 Faculty members / Trainers have imparted the training.
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