Gujarat State Legal Services Authority

:: Lok Adalat ::

This Project commenced with the camp held on 14th March, 1982 at Una in the Junagadh District of Gujarat State. Now, Lok Adalat has been recognized by Statutory provision.

Lok Adalats are being held in the entire State of Gujarat on the specified dates of the year, as per the schedule fixed by the NALSA. In addition to this, on every Saturdays at every Court place in the State, Continuous Lok Adalats are being held.

The Authority is also organizing Pre-litigation Lok Adalats at State Level as well as in each District places as and when occasion arises.


As a part of Legal Aid work, it is necessary to remove illiteracy in the matter of Legal knowledge. Though this can be done in various ways, arranging Legal Literacy Camps is one of the Modes. The first Legal Literacy Camp was held on 25/03/1984 at Godhra in Panchmahal District and that was followed by number of such camps. In such camps several persons speak on different topics on general and legal matters, at the end of which, questions and answers are invited and encouraged. During such Legal Literacy Camp, booklets and leaflets containing useful knowledge or information are distributed free of cost. For creating Legal Awareness at large scale under the guidance of Hon'ble the Executive Chairman, Hon'ble Mr.Justice A.L.Dave, the Gujarat State Legal Services Authority has also initiated a Radio Talk of 42 episodes in regional language which is being aired on Mondays and Thursdays in Ahmedabad whereas for the rest of the Gujarat it is being aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays at night. By this Radio talk, various subjects on legal matters are being discussed in simple regional language.

Mobile Van Unit:

The Gujarat State Legal Services Authority has started Mobile Legal Services Unit to provide justice at doorstep for the benefit of people living in remote areas of the State. There are 3 Mobile Van Units at present with this Authority. This Authority has purchased Tata Sumo and the same is being utilized for publicity campaign with regard to propagation of Legal Aid Scheme/ Programmes in the State. In addition to the aforesaid vehicle, this Authority has 2 old Vans purchased from the State Government grant.

:: Legal Aid Clinic ::

Activities proposed to be carried out at Legal Aid Clinic in Jail.

The Permanent Legal Aid clinic of the concerned Law College may be made functional as early as possible for the purpose of providing Legal Assistance as well as Legal Counseling to the inmates and sensitizing the prison staff. The Legal Aid Clinic shall work in collaboration with the concerned DLSA/TLSC and will also assist it in its functioning. Group of five students may visit the jail every Saturday between 10.00 to 12.00 or any other time as may be convenient to the Jail Authority and the Legal Aid Clinic.

Constitution of the team:

The team which may be visiting the jail premises will work under the supervision of faculty convener and member of Legal Aid Clinic of such Law College. It may consist of one student coordinator who will supervise and coordinate other four student members. Student coordinator and members of this clinic may be selected from the senior batches based on their past performance and inclination towards this social cause.

Functioning of the Legal Aid Clinic:

The student member of the Clinic will be visiting the Legal Aid Clinic at the concerned Jail on weekly basis and shall carry out three fold activities:

    - Creating legal awareness on various topics amongst the inmates by way Skit, Drama, Lecture, Interaction etc.
    - To assist inmates on any specific legal query or legal issue raised by them.
    - To sensitize the prisons staff.
The team of students will be carrying out task of creating legal awareness on various topics on weekly basis as per the schedule mentioned below:-
MonthActivities to be carried on by the students
 Inauguration function to be follower by skit of the students of the topic of Right and Duties of Prisoners as provided in Jail Manual, Fundamental Rights and Duties and Legal Aid.
 Right and Duties of Prisoners as provided Jail manual.
 FIR, Arrest, Bail, Appeal and other relevant provisions of Criminal Procedure Code.
 Various Government Scheme for Prisoners.
 Right of Women and Children.
 Family Law (More emphasize on section 125 of Cri. P. C., Section-498A of IPC, Domestic Violence Act).
 Right to Information.

At the end of the three months, the Legal Aid Clinic may review the activities done as per the abovementioned schedule and the Clinic may amend or incorporate the activities according to the need of inmates as well as prison staff.

Para Legal Volunteers List of the State of Gujarat