Hon'ble Mr. Justice Bhanushanker Revashanker Sompura
Date of Birth : 19/08/1918, 
Date of Joining : 25/03/1968, 
Held Office Till : 22/12/1969,
Source :BAR,
Introduction : Appointed as a judge of the High Court of Gujarat from 25.3.1968
Full Profile :

Born on 19th August 1918 at Palitana. His Lordship started practice in 1939 in the former Bhavnagar State and soon acquired considerable cliental. On the formation of the then Saurashtra State and establishment of Saurashtra High Court, he began to practice in that High Court also. He was appointed Government Pleader for the Saurashtra High Court in 1954. On the formation of the bilingual State of Bombay in 1956, His Lordship was appointed as a Special Government Pleader for the High Court of Bombay for Rajkot Bench and in 1958 along with that post he was appointed as Assistant Government Pleader in the High Court of Bombay at Bombay. On the formation of the State of Gujarat, he was appointed as an Assistant Government Pleader in 1960 and was subsequently appointed as Government Pleader in the High Court. His Lordship during his career at the Bar won acclamation for his hard work clear thought and lucidity of expression. His Lordship is also known for his religious farvour, which he was inherited from his father, who with deep religious bent of mind, have written number of religious books. His Lordship had taken over as a Judge of the Gujarat High Court on 25th March 1968.

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