Gujarat High Court Legal Services Committee

:: Permanent Lok Adalat (VISAMA) ::

From 26-01-01 daily Lok Adalat is being conducted in Room No. 45, VISAMA of the High Court. Three retired High Court Judges are presiding over this Lok Adalat.

Compoundable cases pending before the High Court can be brought before this Adalat for settlement on compoundable cases or likely to be placed before the High Court.

Also, the cases related to Pension, gratuity, other benefits in service etc are resolved in Lok Adalat by mutual consent and conciliation of the Parites.

Procedure for bringing a Case before the Lok Adalat
1. By the order of Court, referring the matter for settlement in Lok Adalat.
2. As per the request from the parties or their Counsel to place before Permanent Lok Adalat.

Advantages of settlement in the Lok Adalat.
1. Due to the procedural flexibility and speedy trial, the delay can be avoided
2. The matter can be settled on humanitarian grounds also
3. The parties to the dispute can directly interact each other and with the conciliation Judges.
4. The Case is settled once and for all, as there is no appeal