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:: Civil Procedure Mediation Rules under - X ::

1. Ascertainment whether allegations in pleadings are admitted or denied:- At the first hearing of the suit the Court shall ascertain from each party or his pleader whether he admits or denies such allegations of fact as are made in the plaint or written statement (if any) of the opposite party, and as are not expressly or by necessary implication admitted or denied by the party against whom they are made. The Court shall record such admissions and denials.

1-A. Direction of the Court to opt for any one mode of alternative dispute resolution.After recording the admissions and denials, the Court shall direct the parties to the suit to opt either mode of the settlement outside the Court as specified in sub-section of section 89. On the option of the parties, the Court shall fix the date of appearance before such forum or authority as may be opted by the parties.

1-B. Appearance before the conciliatory forum or authority.Where a suit is referred under rule the parties shall appear before such forum or authority for conciliation of the suit.

1-C. Appearance before the Court consequent to the failure of efforts of conciliation.

Where a suit is referred under rule l-A and the presiding officer of conciliation forum or authority is satisfied that it would not be proper in the interest of justice to proceed with the matter further, then, it shall refer the matter again to the Court and direct the parties to appear before the Court on the date Fixed by it.