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(For Insertion in the Gujarat Government Gazette. Part-IV-C)


In exercise of the rule making power under Part X of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908) and Clause (d) of sub -section (2) of Section 89 of the said Code, the High Court of Gujarat, makes following amendment in the Civil Procedure Mediation (Gujarat) Draft Rules. 2007 so as to come in to force with effect from the date of publication in the Official Gazette:-

1.) Add the words "and other cases" after the words "in suits" appearing in. the existing clauses (a) and (b)(i) of Rule-3 of the Civil Procedure Mediation (Gujarat) Draft Rules, 2007.

2.) Add the words "and appellate side" after the words "original side" appearing in the existing clauses (a) and (b)(i) of Rule-3 of the Civil Procedure Mediation.(Gujarat) Draft Rules. 2007.

3.) Substitute the following Rule for the existing Rule-4 of the Civil Procedure Mediation (Gujarat) Draft Rules, 2007: " 4. Qualifications of persons eligible for consideration for empanelment under Rule-3: The following persons may be considered for being enlisted in the Panel of Mediators under Rule 3, namely-

(a) (i) Retired Judges of the Supreme Court of India;

(ii) Retired Judges of the High Court;

(iii)Judges, City. Civil Courts, Ahmedabad, Judges, Family Courts, Principal District Judges and Additional District Judges;

(iv) Retired Principal District and Sessions Judges   or retired Judges of the City Civil Court or Courts of equivalent status.

(b) Advocates with at least ten years standing at the Bar at the level of the Supreme Court or the High Court or the District Courts or Courts of equivalent status.

(c)Experts or other professionals with at least fifteen years standing; or retired Class-I Government Officers.

(d)Institutions which are themselves experts in mediation and have been recognized as such by the High Court, provided the names of its members are approved by the High Court initially or whenever there is change in membership."

High Court of Gujarat at Sola, Ahmedabad - 380 060.



Date 22.12.2008

No. C-3002/2007

Copy forwarded with compliments for information to ;

1.The Secretary to the Government of Gujarat, Legal Department, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar (by letter)

2. The Advocate General, High Court of Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

3. The Government Pleader, High Court Of Gujarat, Ahmedabad. .

4. The President. Gujarat High Court Advocates' Association,. Ahmedabad.

5. The Secretary, Bar Council of Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

6. The Principal Judge, City Civil Court, Ahmedabad.

7. The Principal Judge, Family Court, _____________.

8. The Principal District Judge,

9. The Chief Judge. Small Cause Court, Ahmedabad.

10. The Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Ahmedabad.

11. The President, Industrial Court, Ahmedabad.

12. The Manager, Government Central Press, Gandhinagar, with a request to publish the Notification in the next issue of Government Gazette and send 20 copies of the same to this High Court, for office use.

High Court of Gujarat at Sola,

Ahmedabad - 380 060.